In the legendary film by the Ukrainian director and actor Leonid Bykov “Only Old Men Go to Battle”, the main character, Captain Titarenko, nicknamed “Maestro”, utters the no less legendary phrase: “Who said that you need to give up the song in the war?”

For us, Boombox Family, this is a call - a guide to action!

The full-scale war that began on February 24, 2022, the Russian invaders on our Ukrainian soil, made us forget “who we are and where we come from.”

Territorial defense, police service, volunteering - at some point, it was simply not up to music. Even the mere thought of listening to something, let alone playing, seemed seditious.

And then... Then, you carefully turn on your favorite song... Followed by another one. And further. And it helps, gives strength!

And if you are an experienced fan, or have recently discovered the Boombox group, having heard “Oh, there is red viburnum in the pool”, come to the band's concert in Estoril.

Your support is very important to us and we need it, thank you friends!

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